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Welcome to Götene Projekt & Konstruktion

Götene Projekt & Konstruktion AB is a small and personal company that solves the needs of both small and large customers. We are a mechanical workshop that offers cutting machining through CNC milling and CNC lathing. We are flexible and can perform both simple and complex pieces with up to a thousand different details. With a smooth organization and a personal approach, we can often solve our customers’ urgent needs more easily than many others.


In our wide machinery we have 2-6 axle machines. We have long experience of lathing complex tools and details and work mainly with CNC lathing but can also offer manual lathing if needed. We work in many different materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless, brass and more. When accuracy is important and low tolerances are required, CNC lathing is an important technique that we have solid knowledge in.


With the technology of CNC milling, we can produce complex components and machine parts according to order. We can do 3-5-axis work. We work in many different materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless, brass and more.


We use modern software to get the best quality of the end product. Autodesk Inventor and Mastercam are the programs we use to prepare our CNC machines.

Construction & assembly

If necessary, we also help the customer with the design of machines or components. We work in CAD environment to construct. Easier installation we can perform when needs arise. To help the customer in the best way, we always discuss the needs and possible solutions.

Contact us

Please contact us at Götene Projekt & Konstruktion 
if you want to know more or want to discuss possible solutions.

Reine Blom
070-696 45 86

Jonas Blom
070-696 45 87
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